The Importance of Replacing Damaged Roof Flashing

General Contractor in Dartmouth, NSUpdate your property when you replaced damaged and deteriorated flashing on your roof. Flashing is typically placed around your chimney or any skylights to stop leaks from occurring. Many homeowners forget about this roofing feature and will ignore it, which in turn will cause leaks in your home. It is vital that any damaged flashing is replaced as soon as it is noticed.

The roof on your home is made out of many components. Flashing is one of the parts used to help protect your home. This metal or plastic feature is used to cover any openings, such as areas around skylights, that could be exposed to the elements. If the flashing is damaged or deteriorates, it will start to leak and cause damage to your skylight or chimney. If you do not catch this issue early, it will eventually begin to damage your ceiling and black mold will develop in your home.

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