Replacing Your Roof

Renovation Contractors HalifaxMany people take their roof for granted. They will often not think about it until there is a worst-case scenario issue. Here are some reasons why you should replace your roof:

  • Your Roof is 25 Years Old – If your roof is 25 years old – or older – you should consider replacing your roof. A standard asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20 to 30 years. At 25, you should start inspecting your roof and saving money for the replacement.
  • There are Shingle Problems – Curling, cracked, and missing shingles are all signs that your roof needs replacement. You can start by fixing individual issues with your roof, but you are going to have to make a full replacement once these problems happen regularly.
  • Your Roof is Sagging – A sagging roof is a huge problem. This is the point when you want to call a specialist to see what they can do about the problem. It may just be an issue related to your roof, or it could be a sign of more significant structural damage that is affecting the rest of your home.

All Seasons Contracting features a team of renovation contractors in Halifax who can assist you with your roof, as well as provide general repair and construction services.  Contact us today when you need assistance with your roofing.