Roofing and Real Estate

Roofing in Halifax, NSSelling your home is a stressful time. There are many issues you should consider before putting your home on the market and one of those issues is the state of your roof. Before you sell, it may be a wise idea to repair or replace your roofing.

One of the biggest reasons you should invest in your roof before you sell is the state of the roofing will affect the value of your home. A good real estate agent who has the best interests of their client in mind may not even take them to a house that has a bad roof. Additionally, if you are not selling the property “as is,” you may have to lose some money when it comes to the negotiating process. Any smart buyer will want you to make the repairs before they buy the home. If you are not willing, then the only buyers you may have are investors who will want to pay dramatically less for your property so they can flip it.

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? The team at All Seasons Contracting, Ltd., works with roofing in Halifax, NS, as well as Dartmouth. From full replacements to small repairs, we can assist you before you sell your property.

Important Information about Roof Leaks

Roofing in Dartmouth, NSHave you noticed water spots on your ceiling? Your roof may be leaking. We have put together some valuable info you should know about roof leaks:

  • Vents, Chimneys, and Skylights Frequently Cause Leaks – Any of these parts of your roof may be the source of your leak. When it is not raining, you should spend some time inspecting these areas to see if they are the source. Water may be flowing around these spots and getting into cracks.
  • Test Potential Leak Areas with a Hose – If you have a general idea of your leak location, you can use a regular garden hose to find it. Have someone outside of your house spray the roof with water, and then go into your attic or crawl space to see where the water comes out.
  • Clean Your Gutters – Gutters are an essential part of any roof. If your gutters have not been cleaned recently, the water may not be draining off your roof correctly, causing leaks on your roof and a vast array of other damage.

From repairs to installations, the team at All Seasons Contracting, Ltd., is here to assist you. You can call us today at (902) 830-7143 when you need assistance with roofing in Dartmouth, NS.

Do’s and Don’ts of Roofing

Roofing in Halifax, NSReplacing a roof is a significant home improvement and investment. While researching your options, all details should be considered such as the roofing material, color, and the contractor you choose for the job. We have put together a helpful list of do’s and don’ts to help guide you while making decisions related to roofing in Halifax, NS.

Do consider different material options.
You do not have to replace your existing roof with the same roofing material. Work with your contractor to discuss the best options for your region and budget.

Do consider style and aesthetics.
A roof can last between 20 and 30 years, so it is crucial to choose one that you like and has excellent curb appeal.

Don’t add a layer of roofing to an existing one.
Additional layers will add significantly to the weight of your roof. Underlying shingles can also experience moisture and other potential wear, which could lead to issues down the road.

Do request a detailed estimate.
Make sure that the estimate provided to you includes materials, time, and labor, as well as a projected date for completion.

Do check roofing contractor references.
Find out what other people are saying. Take the time to read online reviews, ask your neighbors, and request customer testimonials from your contractor to ensure that they are the best company for the job.

Debunking Popular Roofing Myths

Roofing in Dartmouth, NSWhen it comes to protecting your home, taking care of your roof is the first line of defense. Your roof is your home’s protection from the elements. However, many homeowners still neglect the importance of their roof. Roof maintenance is often not considered until a problem has been identified, such as a leak.

While you may only need to replace a roof once or twice in your lifetime (if you are lucky), the choices you make regarding quality and material will have an enormous impact on your home’s structure, as well as your heating/air conditioning costs. Making uninformed decisions on such an essential part of your home can lead to moisture problems inside walls or above ceilings, as well as structural damage.

Before making decisions regarding roofing in Dartmouth, NS, keeping reading for the truth on some common roofing myths.

Myth: Your roof does not necessarily need an annual inspection.
Fact: It is a good idea to survey the state of your roof annually. A simple inspection will help identify problem areas so you can address them before any costly damage is done.

Myth: Damaged shingled roofs can be fixed by covering the existing layer with new shingles.
Fact: Covering an existing layer of shingles does not address the root of the problem. Invest in a replacement to get the job done correctly.

Myth: Anyone can re-roof, or repair their own roof.
Fact: Poor roofing jobs by non-professionals cause roof failures. Licensed professionals have the experience and knowledge to repair a roof properly the first time.

Replacing Your Roof

Renovation Contractors HalifaxMany people take their roof for granted. They will often not think about it until there is a worst-case scenario issue. Here are some reasons why you should replace your roof:

  • Your Roof is 25 Years Old – If your roof is 25 years old – or older – you should consider replacing your roof. A standard asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20 to 30 years. At 25, you should start inspecting your roof and saving money for the replacement.
  • There are Shingle Problems – Curling, cracked, and missing shingles are all signs that your roof needs replacement. You can start by fixing individual issues with your roof, but you are going to have to make a full replacement once these problems happen regularly.
  • Your Roof is Sagging – A sagging roof is a huge problem. This is the point when you want to call a specialist to see what they can do about the problem. It may just be an issue related to your roof, or it could be a sign of more significant structural damage that is affecting the rest of your home.

All Seasons Contracting features a team of renovation contractors in Halifax who can assist you with your roof, as well as provide general repair and construction services.  Contact us today when you need assistance with your roofing.

Investing in a Deck on the Front of Your Home

Deck Builders HalifaxUpgrade your home today by adding a new deck on the front of your house. Here are a few of the benefits of investing in a new deck:

  • Enjoy Your Front Yard – Outside of gardening and mowing the lawn, many of us do not get to spend a lot of time out in our front yard. When you add a new deck to the front of your home, you will be able to enjoy lovely weather days, see what is going on in your neighborhood, and just have a different place to sit and contemplate life.
  • Improve Home Value – It does not matter if you are trying to sell your home or just interested in adding a little equity, a new deck is a wonderful investment. People who are interested in your home will be excited that there is a distinct addition to your home that makes it stand out from the other properties on the block.
  • Own a Distinct Home – Similarly, you will be the owner of a unique home that looks different from your neighbor’s homes. In this day of cookie-cutter houses that seem to look identical, your front yard will have a style all its own.

Contact the deck builders in Halifax at All Seasons Contracting to learn more about our services. As general contractors, we provide a wide array of construction and home repair services.

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